Become an Empowered Pet Parent with Dr Marlene Siegel!

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for almost four decades, the last 25 years have been dedicated to expanding my alternative “tool-kit.” I have experienced success in improving many health challenges that were not resolved with traditional medical care.

I know this course will empower you to better understand pet medicine resulting in you being able to make informed decisions for your pets.

Our pets are living shorter lives!

There is a plethora of information out there, (with some being incorrect). Even with the right information, we often lack the most important part - How to implement!

This is where my approach stands apart. Through my journey, I've pieced together a comprehensive understanding of pet health, recognizing that we cannot solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

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The Empowered Pet Parent Course Covers....

My mission for pet parents is to empower them with knowledge and resources so that pet parents can make empowered decisions to ensure their pets are healthy and thriving.

What you will learn:

Comprehensive Insight:

Understand the true biology of your pet's body, covering diet, digestion, diagnostics, detoxification, and mitochondrial support to prevent possible future vet bills.

Appropriate Diagnostic Testing:

Identify deficiencies and toxicities through appropriate diagnostic testing and learn what questions you should ask your veterinarian.

Species Appropriate Diet:

Discover the key to your animal's health by finding the diet that best suits your pet.


Learn when and how to supplement diets for optimal bodily support.


Explore the importance of regular detoxification and discover methods you can implement at home.

Mitochondrial Health Support:

Understand how to support your pets mitochondrial health for overall well-being.

Einstein said

"insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

It's time for a paradigm shift. We must transition to a new paradigm where we identify and resolve the root cause of dis-ease. In order to accomplish this, pet parents and veterinary professionals must expand their "toolkit" to include alternative/complementary methods and learn the strategies to know WHEN and HOW to implement them effectively.

Empowered Pet Parents = Healthy and Thriving Pets

This training will expand your knowledge to discover real solutions...

Once you experience the valuable content from this free module, you will want the rest of the course. This course will change your life and your pets' life! 😉

It was my quest to heal Lilly, that took me into holistic/integrative medicine and this has not only changed my life but saved so many lives!

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